About BigcommerceWizard

bigcommercewizard.com is part of wizardmadness.com, eCommerce development company base in Kathmandu, Nepal. we start design and selling bigcommerce theme and extension since 2012. We create and customize bigcommerce, magento, shopify, woocommerce and other ecommerce themes and ad-ons.

Wizardmadness is one of the popular Magento and Magento Go Themes provider. Our themes isn’t simply a responsive theme — it’s better in every way. RWD, beautifully design for mobile. more compact and all new design for mobile version no more tradition mobile design and pixels icon. With a smooth Native Mobile Application base design that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD iPhone, iPad or Mac display. No more pixel icons, we design all new thin and flat icon for retina device.

We would love to hear from you. Why not drop us a email and give us a shout. Our team would love to talk to you and find ways of Making Business Easy.